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Boot Care InstructionsUpdated 8 months ago

While boots are made to last and withstand the elements, it's important that you take the correct measures to make sure you get the most bang for you buck. Follow some of the tips below to get the most life out of your boots.




How to look after Nude or Nubuck boots 

To provide additional protection of the premium leather, you can treat your new work boots with a Leather Waterproofing Agent. To clean Nubuck or Suede Leather, brush off loose dirt using a soft bristle brush after use.


How to store your work boots

When you are not wearing your work boots, store them in a cool place. Keep them in good condition by wearing them often. Do not store your boots in hot or dark environments. If they are stored away for a long period of time they may deteriorate and the soles may break down.


How to extend the life of your boots

Applying Dubbin or Boot Polish will extend the life of the premium leather and keep your work boots looking newer for longer. Dubbin and Boot Polish also help repel water and keep the leather from drying out in warmer conditions.


How to dry your work boots

  • Remove excess water with a dry cloth
  • Remove the foot bed 
  • Stuff your boots with newspaper
  • Place your work boots in a warm, well ventilated position that’s away from direct sun or radiated heat – it’s important not to force dry your boots


How to avoid wearing out the leather on your work boots and exposing the toe cap

When buying your next pair of boots, try a style that features a Bump Cap or Scuff Cap. Bump Caps and Scuff Caps are designed to protect the leather on the toe, stopping premature wear and keep your work boots in top condition.

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