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Refundid FAQUpdated 8 months ago

Can I receive my refund before shipping back my items?

Yes! With Refundid you receive your refund before even dropping your items at the post office. Simply follow Refundid’s 3 step process to receive your refund instantly and ship your items within 3 days.


Does it Cost?

Refundid is completely free for all customers meaning you can receive your full refund instantly at no additional cost.


What do I do After Receiving My Refund from Refundid?

After using Refundid your refund process is complete.

If you have not shipped back your items, you must do so within 3 days, using the Australia Post returns label provided in your WorkwearHub order or the label provided by Refundid. Please make sure you add the label number placed on your parcel. Alternatively, Refundid offers the option to purchase a pick-up, or drop-off return shipping label.

You must provide Refundid with the relevant shipping tracking number. Please add this shipping tracking number through your Refundid account. (This is the label you placed on the parcel)

For any questions related to the shipping tracking number, please reach out to Refundid here.


Where do I Receive My Refund?

When signing up for Refundid you’re prompted to provide your BSB and Account Number. Refundid pays you instantly into this account.


Can I use Refundid if I purchased my order with a buy now pay later service, like Afterpay or Zip?

Absolutely! Refundid works with all payment gateways meaning you can still receive an instant refund with Refundid if you originally purchased your item with a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service such as Afterpay, Zip. Simply follow the usual Refundid process to receive an instant refund with one of our partner stores. After that, you can then use the money that you receive instantly from Refundid to repay your outstanding balance with your BNPL provider. Please note, when using the Refundid platform your payments with your BNPL service will not be automatically cancelled. You will need to repay your BNPL provider with the money that is sent by Refundid.

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