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Workwear Care instructionsUpdated 8 months ago

When buying new gear, apart from the cost, quality and durability are important. It is smarter to spend a little more upfront and buy well made products from trusted workwear brands. Cheaper work gear will have a shorter lifespan and wear out quicker, costing you more in the long run. 


Washing your Workwear so it lasts 

Oil, grease and dust can seriously impair the protective features of your gear so it's important to regularly wash your workwear. 

Always wash items as per instructions. Always close all zips, undo buttons, check pockets for objects and flatten out collars and cuffs. Ensure you wash your gear inside out as well.


Hi-vis clothing should be washed separately to prevent dyes from other clothing affecting the fabric visibility. Hi-vis gear has a maximum number of washes due to the reflective tape.  

Finally, avoid putting your work gear in the dryer as this can cause shrinkage. The label will specify this. The most effective way to dry your gear is to hang it up in a dry place away from direct sunlight.  


Check your gear for damage 

Check your workwear to ensure there is no damage. This is especially important for those who use PPE, to rectify minor tears, lost buttons. Its far more cost-effective to maintain and repair garments than throw them out. 


Storing Your Workwear

Never leave clothing in direct sunlight, always store in a dry cool environment. Also, avoid contact with chemicals, oil or other hazardous substances. 


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