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How do I earn creditsUpdated 24 days ago

Earning credits is easy and done through a number of different activities

You can earn credits by:

Making a purchase in store OR online. Earn up to 10 credits per $ spent!
**Credits earned per $ depend on your current Mates Rates tier**

Refer a friend and they get 15% off their very first online purchase with us, if they end up making a purchase you get a reward of 15% off too!

Please note: their 15% off code will only work if it is the very first time they have purchased online from us. This is for online orders only, it does not apply to in-store orders.

Creating a account will earn you 150 credits  (this is for accounts who do not have an existing account with WorkwearHub)

Following WorkwearHub on Instagram will earn you 150 credits

Liking WorkwearHub on Facebook will earn you 150 credits 

Joining our mailing list will earn you 200 credits. 

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